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Thermocool features & benefits

ThermoCool product features:


•   Excellent Thermal Insulation Properties
•   Excellent Solar Reflectance
•   Low VOC (odourless, not poisonous)
•   Applicable to most surface
•   No primer needed
•   Anti-Fungi & Algae
•   Quick Drying time

•   Non flammable
•   Seal Minor holes/ cutting on surface (elastomeric paint property)
•   Water Resistant

Benefits of using Thermocool:


•  Reduces sun load/heat into buildings.

•  Improves interior living comfort. 

•  Energy and cost efficient, good ROI(Return on Investment)

•  Lower electricity bills.

•  Extends the life of the coated substrate.

•  Reduces green house effect.

•  Prevents corrosion under insulation.

•  Easy to apply even for odd shapes.

•  No shutdown time.

•  Paint made of Eco–friendly materials.

How does Thermocool work?

• 3 ceramic compounds to reflect heat and control heat conduction.

• Reflects radiant heat rays.

• Does not absorb heat.

• Heat dissipates to surrounding.

• Poor conductor of heat.

• Can be used on most practical surfaces like metal, clay and concrete roofing or walls.

• No primer needed.

• Easy to appy using brush, roller or airless spray.

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