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container architecture

There are so many reasons why shipping containers are increasingly being used for building homes, cafes, shops and schools.


MODULAR They come in standard sizes , hence are easy to design and work with.

STACKABLE  They are designed with four strong corners to provide a strong foundation and allow stacking up to many levels high.

AFFORDABLE Used containers don't cost alot.

PORTABLE  Containers can be fitted up or dismantled easily. They are easily mobilised and moved from site to site..

READILY AVAILABLE Used or new shipping containers can be purchased easily around the world.

ECO FRIENDLY Using containers for upcycling will save tons of steel and other materials.

STURDY  Containers are built with strong corner posts and bottom rails so they can withstand the harshest conditions.

EASY TO CUSTOMISE The walls can be cut to install windows, doors, skylights etc. The facade can also be personalised with cladding materials.

STRONG & DURABLE A container building is strong, secure and can last for decades.

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